pH Neutral Shampoo & Bird and Bug Remover Kit

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Our Starter Car Cleaning Kit is perfect to keep your vehicle gleaming! The ideal gift for someone who has just passed their driving test.


1 x 500ml bottle of Car Shampoo - Our latest bio-degradable fluorocarbon shampoo formula penetrates and lifts dirt making cleaning quicker and easier. The Conserver, salt free solution prevents premature corrosion, has a fresh new smell and provides plenty foam. It also contains advanced lubricants that enable the sponge to glide across the surface of the paintwork, helping to reduce fine scratching.

1 x 500ml Bird & Bug Remover - A combination of surfactants which neutralise the acid in bird lime. The soapy mousse will re-hydrate the deposit, creating a solution that can be easily wiped off the paintwork.

1 x Microfibre Cloth* 

1 x Sponge

*colour of cloth may vary

*Bottles now made from 40% recycled plastic.


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