Tar Remover

Tar Remover

Posted by Supagard on 10th Mar 2023

What is Tar and what causes the staining?

Have you noticed sticky, black marks on your vehicle’s exterior?  This is likely to be tar marks that stick to your paintwork from asphalt on the road. Driving over potholes and freshly relayed road surfaces can cause tar residue to stick to your vehicle’s exterior. This becomes difficult to remove without the correct product, as the marks harden quickly when the temperature drops.

Why should I use a Tar Remover?

Using Supagard’s specialist Tar Remover will quickly soften and breakdown the molecules in the tar marks, making it easier to remove with minimal effort. This will minimise the risk of scratching your paintwork and creating unwanted swirl marks.

How to use the Supagard Tar Remover?

1. Start off by washing the car with the pH Neutral Shampoo and Ridgeback Sponge, to remove loose dirt. This is beneficial as starting with a clean surface minimises the risk of scratching the paintwork.

2. Gloves are always recommended & shake the can well before use.

3. Spray the Tar Remover onto the tar stains and allow the formula to sit on the paintwork for a minute.

4. Wipe off with a clean microfibre cloth.

5. After all tar stains have been removed, we recommend applying our Aqua Free or 365 Gloss Enhancer to add a layer of protection to your paintwork.