Aqua Free Waterless Car Wash 500ml

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The cross linking polymer formula clings to and lifts the dirt particles, allowing you to absorb them into your microfibre cloth without leaving streaks or scratches.



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Can you imagine a product that lets you wash your car or motorcycle and wax it all at the same time?

Well, here it is - introducing Aqua Free, the ultimate waterless wash!

  • Quick 15 minute application.
  • Lasts up to 4 weeks!
  • Ideal for people who live in flats who don't have access to an outdoor hose.
  • Prolongs time between washes.

It cleans, shines and protects paintwork with no hose, sponge or shampoo required. Simply spray direct onto the dirt, lightly agitate and wipe off to reveal a glossy showroom finish. Aqua Free is recommended for use on dusty vehicles and not on heavily soiled paintwork.

The cross linking polymer formula clings to and lifts the dirt particles, allowing you to absorb them into your microfibre cloth.

It is suitable for all paint finishes.

Aqua Free can be applied anytime or anywhere and saves you both time and money.

For motorcycle use:

Do not apply to matte paint finish. 

Only use on paintwork and plastics.

Spray directly on to microfibre cloth and then apply to the surfaces of the bike.

1 x 500ml Aqua Free Dry Wash
2 x Microfibre Cloth

*Colour of cloth may vary.

*Bottle shape may vary.

*Application top-ups are required


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11 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5

    Graham Smith 5th Jul 2023

    Waterless car wash

    A must have product. Anyone that looks after their car needs to keep a bottle of this in the garage. Always handy to have around if you want a quick clean up. Always gives superior results and doesn't leave any residue.

  • 5

    Bob 20th Apr 2022

    Aqua free waterless car wash

    What's not to like? This stuff is really a magic potion. It helps me to keep the car looking smart without a great deal of effort. Mines a rather large SUV and I can clean the whole motor in twenty minutes and the results are always spot on, shiny, clean and spotless. I like Aqua so much I've got a bottle at home and one at work so, if needs be, I can spend twenty minutes of my lunch hour giving the car the once over and looking good. Worth every penny.

  • 5

    Shirley Johnson 14th Sep 2021

    Waterless Car Wash

    Excellent product, easy to use and my vehicle looks fantastic after using this.

  • 5

    adrian h 16th Aug 2021

    Fantastic Product & Service

    This product is great at keeping the car clean in between washes and gives a good coating to keep the rain beading. Service from Supagard is also impeccable with speedy shipping and customer services always sort any queries quickly.

  • 5

    Anna 20th Apr 2021

    Aqua Free Waterless Car Wash

    Excellent product, does what it says on the ‘bottle’ - like other reviewers et this product I was given a presentation pack of Supagard by my local Toyota centre having been a Toyota customer for more years than I care to mention. And was most impressed with the results this product achieved on my ‘ancient’ Toyota Yaris. I didn’t realise I could actually buy it direct . It’s been such a boon during lock down when no car wash facilities were open. Can thoroughly recommend.

  • 5

    Sebastian 14th Dec 2020

    Perfect companion for Bionic coating

    We love the aqua free wash for our car that is coated with Supagard's Bionic coating. The car looks like the day we bought it after being washed with aqua free and it cleans SO MUCH easier with water. I'm really saddened that we won't be able to purchase this product again, hope the amount I bought now lasts for the remaining time we have this car. Now we have to look for a product from inside the EU to replace this. Sad times.

  • 5

    John H 12th Jun 2020

    So Easy

    So easy to use and very effective. Gives a superb finish.

  • 5

    Andrew 2nd May 2020

    Aqua free

    Great product to use in between wet washes and keeps on top on my car looking spotless and smells nice, easy to use, great product

  • 5

    wmck 8th Aug 2018

    Aqua free waterless car wash

    Absolutely brilliant product - your car looks like new and the shine is beautiful.