SupaFoam 5L

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SupaFoam 5L

Introducing Supagard's brand new SupaFoam! Recommended use with our SupaFoamer.

This cherry scented cleaner produces a satisfying thick foam, giving your vehicle an even coating of SupaFoam. This makes sure that every inch of your vehicle is covered in snow foam, giving an effective & deep clean. It is ideal for heavy detailing sessions or for quickly sprucing up your paintwork.

How to use:

  1. The use of gloves is always recommended.
  2. Shake well before use.
  3. Fill the SupaFoamer reservoir with the desired amount of SupaFoam.
  4. Adjust SupaFoamer settings as required to increase or reduce foam.
  5. Spray sparingly onto the vehicle, starting at the bottom. Ensure all exterior surfaces are covered, including glass & wheels.
  6. Leave to dwell on surface and loosen dirt for a few minutes. Do not allow it to dry on.
  7. Wipe down the vehicle with a well soaked sponge/noodle sponge.
  8. Finally, rinse thoroughly from the top down.


1 x 5L SupaFoam


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