​Cold Climate Car Care

​Cold Climate Car Care

8th Nov 2019

Looking after your car in Winter can be a daunting task due to the freezing cold weather and dark nights during this time of year. Caring for your vehicle is just as, if not more important during the colder months due to the harsh environmental conditions that your car faces on the icy roads. We’ve put together a list of handy car care products and items which will make your journeys much safer this Winter.

1. Screen Wash

In frosty weather, Screen Wash is a must. This product will ensure that your water bottle does not freeze in the cold and avoid your windscreen water jets freezing over, which could potentially risk a dangerous drive. In dangerous conditions such as icy or frosty roads, your full attention should be on the road ahead and controlling your vehicle to stay as safe as possible. Avoid potential distractions by keeping a clear and clean windscreen.

2. De-Icer and Ice Scrapers

Our de-icer contains a very high concentrate of alcohol, meaning that when sprayed onto a frosted window it will sink down into the ice and across the glass, clearing the windscreen and windows with ease. This product contains very high-quality ingredients, meaning that you do not have to worry about leaving it in the car and finding it frozen the next morning! It will even withstand the cold temperature of a freezer without solidifying. This trigger spray bottle is a very handy tool to keep in the car for icy mornings.

3. Rain Away

Rain Away is a very useful tool all year round to help your windscreen clear, however during the dark Winter nights it can be a particularly helpful tool to stop the build-up of frost on the glass. This will make driving a lot safer and give you better vision on the road. Applying this the night before can also be beneficial in preventing the frost from building up on the windows of your vehicle.

4. Alloy Wheel Protector Aerosol

Your wheels are the part of your vehicle that will go through the most during Winter. From icy tracks to road salt, it is easy for wheels to wear out. Our wheel protector aerosol spray is the perfect product for this time of year as it adds a silicone layer to wheels to help stop environmental factors such as road salt from damaging your alloys. This is an essential product to preserve the condition of your wheels and ensure a safe journey.

5. Tyre Inflator

While wheel protector is a useful tool for protecting and preserving your alloys, having an emergency tyre inflator in the back of the car is always a smart idea. You never know what you will face on the icy roads and if your tyre suffers a puncture, you will be grateful for the quick and easy repair. Simply screw the filling hose to the tyre’s valve and release the full contents of the can into the tyre. This will act as a temporary fix until you are able to have the tyre repaired at a garage. Having a tyre inflator can in the back of the car can put your mind at ease on long journeys.

6. Upholstery Cleaner

Road trips in the Winter will often result in passengers bringing mud and slush in from the outdoors to the inside of the car. It is very easy for carpets and seats to become messy and dirty from this, so the next product suggestion is our trigger spray Upholstery Cleaner. This product will help keep the inside of the car fresh and clean with a simple and easy application. Spray the product across the carpets in the floor wells or on the upholstery of your seats, leave to set for a few moments, and then wipe off with a micro fibre cloth. This should lift any dirt and marks left from muddy shoes and outdoor clothing, and leave a fresh, clean scent.

Keeping your car in good condition through the Winter will benefit you hugely and help avoid any unnecessary repair/upkeep costs from damage in the colder weather. You can access all the above mentioned products by following the linked images below:

Screen Wash De-Icer Ice Scrapers

Rain Away Alloy Wheel Protector Tyre Inflator

Upholstery Cleaner