Winter Aftercare Kit

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Winter Aftercare Kit

This handy kit contains the essentials for cold weather driving.


1 x 300ml Shampoo - This shampoo is designed with a wax enhancer that creates a temporary barrier to keep road salts off the paintwork of the car. This helps keep the car cleaner as well as making it safer in poor conditions due to the car being more visible.

1 x 300ml De-Icer - Designed to work up to minus 40, this is the one that could be left in the freezer without it freezing! The formulation works straight away in all conditions penetrating deep into the frost. Unlike those large aerosols from the supermarkets, this product contains a high alcohol content and although the product is 300ml, it could easily be the equivalent of 2 x 500ml cans from other suppliers. This product can also be applied the night before to help prevent frost from actually settling on the windscreen.

1 x 300ml Screen Wash - If used correctly, this highly concentrated formula will stop your water bottle from freezing. How many times in poor conditions have people complained about not being able to see through their windscreen due to the water jets freezing? For safety reasons alone this is the product of choice for any journey in poor conditions.

1 x Ice Scraper - A tough scraper that does the job, this no frills design can easily remove snow and thick frost fast.

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