pH Neutral Shampoo 300ml

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pH Neutral Shampoo 300ml

Our latest bio-degradable shampoo formula penetrates and lifts dirt making cleaning quicker and easier. The Salt free solution prevents premature corrosion, has a fresh new smell and provides plenty foam. It also contains advanced lubricants that enable the sponge to glide across the surface of the paintwork, helping to reduce fine scratching.

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Leaves a Glossy, Streak Free finish.
  • Only 2 x Capfuls per wash

This highly concentrated shampoo is effective for removing dirt and grime from everyday road use and cleans leaving a glossy, streak free finish.

1 x 300ml pH Neutral Shampoo*
1 x Ridgeback Sponge

*Font colour may vary

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