Paintseal Cream + Glass Cleaner + Rain Away

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Paintseal Cream + Glass Cleaner + Rain Away


1 x 300ml Glass Cleaner - This powerful cleaner breaks through even the toughest dirt and grime on windows and mirrors, leaving a sparkling streak free finish.

1 x 500ml Paintseal Cream - Originally designed to remove petrol marks and blemishes from car paintwork, we’ve now added more resins and more silicones so it will leave a glossy showroom finish when applied. With so many harmful polishes on the market, we would always recommend our Paintseal Cream which contains no cutting compound and so preserves your paintwork even more. When applied to your paintwork, this special weather repellant coating creates an extra layer of protection on top of your Supagard Polymer Sealant and the organic formula will help to disguise swirl marks and micro scratches on the surface of your paint.

1 x 100ml Rain Away - With the typical British weather we experience, Rain Away is a must! This surface changing product puts an invisible layer on top of your glass that helps keep it clear, even when it rains heavily. With one simple application the product will last up to three months and stops a build-up of frost on your car in the winter months and air borne contaminants in the warm summer months. With only four applications required a year this 500ml kit could last up to three years.

1 x Application Pad


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