Leather Clean and Sanitise Kit

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Leather Clean and Sanitise Kit


Conforms to & exceeds the requirements of BS EN 1276.

Designed for hard surfaces inside and outside eg. door handles, steering wheel, gear stick and hard plastics.

A ready to use multi-purpose disinfectant that exhibits a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity and is highly effective against both gram positive and gram negative bacteria, yeast and moulds.

Ideal for routine cleaning, disinfecting and deodorising of all hard surfaces. Especially suitable for the routine cleaning of your house hold. This includes floors, sinks, bathrooms, walls, work surfaces etc.


Long lasting odour eliminator. Removes smells caused by smoking, pet fur etc. The Medi-fresh scent will keep vehicle interiors smelling clean and free from odours.


Supagard Leather Cleaner Concentrate 300ml refill. Simply pour 20ml of the concentrate into your foam dispenser and dilute with tap water.

Alternatively pour the concentrate into a basin and dilute 1:12 in warm water. There is the equivalent of 3 litres of Leather Cleaner in this 300ml bottle.

2x Microfire Cloths

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